Cooktop Reviews on All Types of Cooktops

Cooktop reviews on all of the different types of cook tops will help you choose the best cook top for you. On this page I’ll go over the different varieties of cooktops and give you some reviews on the most popular ones.

When you take out the more primitive types of cooking like wood stoves and the outdoor types of cook tops like charcoal grills, you are only left with three types of cook tops.

These cooktops are induction, electric, and gas. All cooktop reviews should take into account that these types of cooktops will have different features and benefits.

Gas Cooktop Reviews

Gas cooktops have an open flame which is fueled by gas. These cook tops are sturdy and cannot be damaged through normal use.

Another advantage is that you can see the height of the flame and adjust it according to how fast you want to cook. This means that no matter what gas cooktop you cook on, there will not be a new learning curve for heat times because they will all be the same.

Disadvantages to this kind of cooktop is that they can be difficult to clean and are less safe than other models. The reason they can be unsafe is because you are dealing with a live flame and you have the added worry of a gas leak.

When looking at gas cooktop reviews, keep in mind these inherent advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Cooktop Reviews

Electric cooktops can operate off of flat surfaces or coils. The coils will be less expensive but harder to clean. They are more durable but will still need to be replaced at some point.

The flat surface is very easy to clean, but is made of glass which can be broken. You’ll also find that the induction oven cooktop has these qualities as well.

If you’re searching through electric cooktop reviews, make sure you know which type of surface you are reading about.

Induction Cooktop Reviews

Induction cooktops are usually more expensive than gas and electric cooktops. In addition to this, you can only use certain types of pots and pans on them. They also make a low pitched noise while in operation.

The upside is that they clean up easier, cook faster, and are less dangerous to own and operate. These cooktops do not get very hot and instead will heat up your cooking device to heat up your food.

They even leave the handles of your pots and pans lukewarm and easy to touch even after cooking with them. You’ll also find that they draw upon less energy when in use.

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